1. The blockchain tech and crypto space lacks AI tools specifically designed for them.

  2. There is a significant amount of disinformation and a lack of reliable sources that need to be addressed.

  3. Conducting research in the blockchain industry can be a time-consuming process.

  4. The development of smart contracts is costly and can only be accessed by developers with adequate expertise.

  5. DeFi users often fall victim to scams due to a lack of understanding of Solidity.

  6. Smart-contract auditing is a laborious and expensive process.

  7. Code auditing is inaccessible to most individuals.

  8. Bad actors take advantage of the blockchain tech for illegal activities and money laundering.

  9. Regulations and compliance guidelines are lacking in the public blockchain industry.

  10. There is a general lack of knowledge regarding chart and technical analysis in the blockchain space.

  11. There is no specific medium that can teach people to learn proper trading instead of falling for rug pulls or scam projects.

  12. Having no specific channel to receive good crypto indicators to make good investments and build strong portfolio.

  13. Many people are creative in art and content but they don't know how to convert ideas into actual content.

  14. Artist community face challenges of high GPU requirements and other problems to create quality content

  15. Content producers spend hours to research and finalise the content for their videos, websites, or any other platforms. Many other unexplored issues and problems that web 2.0 and web 3.0 community face on a daily basis which limits them to not reach the potential of success and productivity they're capable of.

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