1- Blockchain Project

GPT Guru assists developers community in creating professional and transparent blockchain projects by offering the following services

  • Create dApps and Web 3.0 wallets: Design and develop decentralized applications (dApps) and secure wallets for seamless interaction with blockchain networks.

  • Create Tokenomics: Design the economic structure and distribution strategy for blockchain-based tokens, including utility, value, and incentives.

  • Plan Vesting Schedule: Develop a strategic vesting plan for the release and distribution of tokens, ensuring long-term value retention and stability.

  • Create Business Models: Design viable and sustainable business models tailored to blockchain projects, addressing monetization, growth, and scalability.

  • Create Pitch Deck: Craft compelling pitch decks to effectively communicate the vision, value proposition, and potential of blockchain projects to investors and stakeholders.

  • Code Explainer: Provide clear explanations and documentation for the codebase of blockchain projects, ensuring transparency and ease of understanding for developers and users alike.

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